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DECEMBER 26, 2023


Renatus, a pharmaceutical company developing cholesterol modulators for the treatment of cholesterol-driven diseases, announced that it was introduced on Pax Economy TV's 'Close-Up of Business', which introduces promising small businesses based in South Korea.


Renatus’ proprietary cholesterol modulator, RN-005, has shown to promote cholesterol metabolism and mediate cholesterol efflux in varying disease models including chronic kidney disease and atherosclerosis, wherein cholesterol metabolism plays critical roles in their pathogenesis. It has successfully secured domestic and international patents for the drug candidate and its use for the treatment of cholesterol-driven diseases.


Dysregulated cholesterol homeostasis and its accumulation is commonly observed in chronic kidney disease (CKD), which affects 1 in 8 adults worldwide. RN-005 treatment in CKD models demonstrated its renoprotective effects, as it significantly reduced blood creatinine, BUN levels and albuminuria. Renatus is preparing for a clinical trial for chronic kidney disease in both humans and companion animals.


Heegon Kim, CEO of Renatus, commented: “To date, no medicine has been developed to normalize cholesterol metabolism and promote its efflux in our body. Our goal is to develop a safe and effective cholesterol modulator so that it can be used to treat various cholesterol-driven diseases including chronic kidney disease, and thereby improve the quality of life of the patients.”

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Renatus is a pharma company thriving to develop next generation cyclodextrins to provide safe treatment options for patients living with cholesterol-associated diseases. Renatus seeks to provide critical impact in developing translational cyclodextrin therapies and fulfill its vision to protect the world from various cholesterol-associate diseases. For more information, please visit 

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